Monday, March 09, 2009

Tiny Benevolent Changes, VI

Filling in the Form:

1. Your bathroom
1. add a hanging plan
2. put better towel hooks on door so towels won't constantly fall off
3. get more delicious clove soap from Etsy!

2. Your bedroom
1. purge closet of stuff I can't/don't wear
2. get depressing cobwebs off of light fixture and out of distant corners
3. change art (again, depressing)

3. Your living room
1. organize book case
2. bring up more CDs from basement to listen to
3. wash windows so won't get angry everytime I look out of them

4. Your kitchen
1. eat older grains, dry beans, etc. to make room for new
2. organize top of fridge
3. put more plants on windowsill (cactus?)

5. Your car
1. put in new stereo
2. put emergency diaper bag in trunk
3. dust dash

6. Your wardrobe from shoulders to top of head
1. organize earrings so I can wear them once again

7. Your wardrobe from shoulders to waist
1. go through closet and identify shirts that don't fit
2. give away jackets that are out of style/don't fit
3. identify a few t-shirts that will always work and hang them so they aren't lost

8. Your wardrobe from waist to knees
1. go through closet and identify pants that don't fit
2. give away bad pants I hang onto for no apparent reason
3. resew buttons/make repairs to good pants

9. Your wardrobe from knees to floor
1. give away all boots as I can't wear them due to ankle issue
2. find a new pair of boots that I can wear as I love boots
3. give away some of the dozens of unworn socks I own (I don't like socks but have a million)

10. Tools you use for your art
1. get better at downloading and formatting pics from new camera
2. organize and unclutter desk at home

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