Friday, March 06, 2009

Tiny Benevolent Changes, I

Filling in the Form:

1. Your bathroom
1. the baseboards could be cleaner
2. I could frame the postcards of the Sutro Baths that I have been meaning to mount
3. more fresh flowers, more often.

2. Your bedroom
1. dusting!
2. replace the broken lamp instead of just straighten out the shade.
3. more fresh flowers, more often.

3. Your living room
1. I live in San Francisco. My bedroom and living room are the same room.

4. Your kitchen
1. spice organizer. Much needed.
2. replace the lightbulbs that are blown, for the love of God.
3. replace the broken wine glasses.

5. Your car
1. needs brakes.
2. needs to stop leaking power steering fluid.
3. needs vacuuming like nobody’s business.

6. Your wardrobe from shoulders to top of head
1. I cannot afford to address questions 6 – 9 though many “tiny and benevolent” changes are needed.

7. Your wardrobe from shoulders to waist
8. Your wardrobe from waist to knees
9. Your wardrobe from knees to floor

10. Tools you use for your art
1. more stationary! Or maybe just more stamps! Or more time?!
2. cute scrubs.
3. a ricer to make gnocchi.

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