Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Thoughts from Beth:

I found this exercise to be extremely eye-opening. So many foods have tons of ingredients.

I found lunch to be the easiest meal since I usually eat a salad for lunch. I did have to give up normal salad dressing and go with oil & vinegar. I also had to give up CHEESE, which was tough. Turns out, I actually enjoyed my salads this week more than I usually do.

For snacks, I stuck to my norm of dried cranberries and almonds.

For dinner, I tried something new: Tofu Shirataki. I bought a few packs of the fettuccine noodles and added chicken, mushrooms, garlic, oil and vinegar. The "noodles" come in this liquid that smells a bit like formaldehyde so it takes some time to get used to.
After I got over the newness of it all, I actually enjoyed my meal and plan to replace my whole wheat pasta with tofu in the future.

Luckily the clementines are really yummy this time of year so I was satisfied with my dessert choice after dinner too!

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