Monday, March 09, 2009

Tiny Benevolent Changes, VIII

Filling in the Form:

1. Your bathroom
1. Clean it more frequently
2. New shower curtain
3. Change the paper in the medicine cabinet door.

2. Your bedroom
1. Organize
2. Clear out junk that I'm planning to get rid of
3. Get a better trash can

3. Your living room
1. Clean off desk
2. Paint door
3. New couch pillows

4. Your kitchen
1. Make flower garland
2. Do something with the junk that piles up on the countertops
3. Fun lights

5. Your car
1. Wash
2. Vacuum
3. New air freshener

6. Your wardrobe from shoulders to top of head
1. Wear something other than the same pair of earrings I've been wearing every time I wear earrings for 9 months
2. get some fun new barrettes/hair accessories
3. get a cool hat

7. Your wardrobe from shoulders to waist
1. Wear some of the clothes currently languishing in the closet
2. reconstruct some tees
3. layer differently

8. Your wardrobe from waist to knees

9. Your wardrobe from knees to floor
1. new shoes!
2. new socks!
3. wear new rain boots

10. Tools you use for your art
1. new blades for paper cutter
2. use them every day
3.get rid of what i don't use anymore

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