Monday, March 09, 2009

Tiny Benevolent Changes, IV

Filling in the Form:

1. Your bathroom
1. cleaning the hair off the floor
2. getting softer toilet paper
3. putting my stuff up after getting ready in the morning

2. Your bedroom
1. putting shoes in the closet
2. hanging up my clothes
3. going through magazines

3. Your living room
1. cleaning up piles
2. cleaning up piles
3. cleaning up piles

4. Your kitchen
1. light a candle
2. clean the island cart
3. get some more wine

5. Your car
1. dust it
2. duct tape the passenger handle
3. put in a new selection of CDs

6. Your wardrobe from shoulders to top of head
1. get a hair cut
2. get a new color of eye shadow
3. wear more lip gloss

7. Your wardrobe from shoulders to waist
1. get some tops that fit
2. stop complaining about my post baby body
3. enjoy dressing my curves

8. Your wardrobe from waist to knees
1. get some pretty panties
2. enjoy maternity pants (cause that’s all that fit) and the elastic waist
3. get a fun new skirt

9. Your wardrobe from knees to floor
1. new black shoes
2. cash in a pedicure
3. wear flip flops

10. Tools you use for your art
1. get out the water colors
2. paint with a fat brush and don’t worry about details
3. create something on a new medium – like wood or something!

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